Digital Photography

These photographs are a series of digital photography projects with various goals and ideas in mind. Below are the titles and descriptions for each piece.


This piece is one of a three part series meant to symbolize the word: Decay. This particular image was my favorite of the series because of how well it captured the definition of this word while highlighting the beauty one can find in decay. The simple blue and white of the sky is a sharp contrast to the broken down gray mess that surrounds the Bug. Also the smooth lines and contours of the car really bring it forward from the chaotic rubble in which it stands. It’s a perfect representation of decay because it shows that while things may fall apart, the world keeps turning like nothing has changed.

Order Vs. Chaos

The goal of this photograph was to juxtapose two opposites next to each other in such a way that the compositions complemented one another. I chose order and chaos. Order is symbolized by a simple photograph of a man sitting peacefully in a sand dune, while chaos is represented by a woman seemingly moving erratically in a chaotic forest-esque environment.

Smoke By Moonlight

This photograph was inspired by a voice recording. I recorded a bunch of my friends talking about the full moon one night and I incorporated their words into a photograph that represented the strange, somewhat ethereal, nature of their conversation.