songs for seeds Brand Development

songs for seeds is a child’s music class concept that originally started as a section of apple seeds, based in New York City. I was in charge of creating all marketing collateral for franchise sales.

songs for seeds had very established brand standards, so it was my job to create something that the founders felt matched their current marketing materials exactly. The founders were thrilled with what I created for them.

Starting with the franchise report, the goal was to stick as close to the brand guidelines as possible. They had multiple different brand elements that they wanted included, along with about a dozen colors. The brand elements were the little animal figures, the seed clouds, the speakers, and the sound bars. This, combined with the many colors, made the brand look very fun and child-like.

The website was very similar to the franchise report in how I was expected to design it. I wanted to keep it “clean messy,” so that it captured to free, child-like spirit that songs for seeds has but was also approachable and easy to absorb for potential franchise owners.