LIME Painting Brand Development

LIME Painting is a remodeling concept that focuses on remodeling and renovating nice houses. I was in charge of creating all franchise promotional materials, including, but not limited to, a website, a franchise report, and a presentation.

I really wanted to do something slightly different for this brand. Since their focus was on renovating beautiful houses and mansions, I thought it was especially important to drive that point home. I wanted to highlight the types of houses they worked on, while maintaining a very clean layout that made the actual franchise itself look very affordable and approachable.

Beginning with their franchise report, I focused on a clean grid system to help keep information clear. I also included many pages that were just full page images, highlighting the houses that LIME Painting tends to work on. 

Next is the website. In the interest of keeping a similar look and feel across all promotional materials, the website looks very similar to the franchise report. 

I wanted to do a lot of bisected sections so as to do something a little bit different than I had done in the past. I interspersed these boldly colored sections with white sections to help break up the colors a little bit and keep the website balanced.

The final portion is the presentation. Shown mainly to brokers, the idea behind the presentation is to highlight aspects of the business with a lot of pictures and design elements, using very minimal text.

The information conveyed is very similar to that of the franchise report.