Jamba Juice Brand Development

Jamba Juice, as I’m sure you know, is a smoothie concept that has expanded to include bowls, salads, and assorted health foods. I was very honored to be in charge of creating all of Jamba’s franchise marketing material. Obviously, being such an established brand, they had very strict brand rules that I had to adhere to. Because of this, I grew a lot as a designer during this project. 

I got the opportunity to really hone my photoshop skills. Throughout the creation of their collateral, I delved deeper and deeper into photoshop. I did more photoshop work on this project than I had ever done before. I worked really hard to capture the fun, splashy, excited attitude that Jamba works hard to encompass.

The website is where all my work in photoshop really stood out. Each of the headers are images of their stores/staff/owners that I photoshopped onto a “fruit splash” with one of their very bold brand colors. Each page has a different color featured at the top.

I tried to carry that theme throughout the website- with the icons, the videos, the staff pictures, etc. Jamba is all about color. Fresh fruits and veggies. Bright, bold juices. I worked tirelessly to makes sure these elements were featured on the website.

The franchise report was a little less about the design, and a little more about the portrayed information. I tried to include what design elements I could, including typography and well placed photography.

While the information in the presentation is very similar to the franchise report, the amount is a lot less. I was able to do a lot more in terms of typography.