DMK Burger Bar Brand Development

DMK Burger Bar is a Chicago-based restaurant concept that prides itself on high quality ingredients and fantastic taste. I was in charge of creating all of their franchise marketing collateral, including, but not limited to, a website, franchise report, and presentation.

I stayed within their brand standards throughout the creation of their materials. However, the icons throughout are of my own creation, based on their burger icon mimicking the Chicago flag.

Beginning with the franchise report, I really wanted to utilize a well constructed grid system, so as to be able to display as much information as possible without the layout being overwhelming. 

Next is the website. In the interest of keeping a similar look and feel across all promotional materials, the website looks very similar to the franchise report. The biggest difference is the amount of white space I used. Since there is so much more real estate on a website, I was allowed to utilize a lot more negative space to compliment the bold red, gray, and black.

The final portion is the presentation. Shown mainly to brokers, the idea behind the presentation is to highlight aspects of the business with a lot of pictures and design elements, using very minimal text.

The information conveyed is very similar to that of the franchise report.