Core Progression Brand Development

Core Progression is a personal-trainer centric franchise concept. I was given the responsibility of creating all of their promotional materials (website, franchise report, presentation), while staying within the constraints of their brand standards.

The icons used throughout the materials are of my own creation. I wanted to make icons that matched the feeling and shape of the logo, so I used the same basic shape as well as the brand colors to really draw through the feeling of the brand.

Beginning with their website, I really wanted to make sure that the negative space was used to it’s fullest potential. I photoshopped much of the photography in order to “make space” for where the copy was supposed to go, while still maintaining the integrity of the background picture.

The first image is the hero image for the entire website. I wanted something there that would give a potential franchise owner a feeling of what their role in the company would be-not necessarily trainers, but present in the day-to-day workings.

Next is the franchise report. In the interest of keeping a similar look and feel across all promotional materials, the franchise report looks very similar to the website. The biggest difference is the amount of text.

Creating a layout that is aesthetically pleasing, has a lot of text, and still is able to incorporate images and design elements is the biggest challenge in creating a franchise report.

The final portion is the presentation. Shown mainly to brokers, the idea behind the presentation is to highlight aspects of the business with a lot of pictures and design elements, using very minimal text.

The information conveyed is very similar to that of the franchise report.