AWP Conference Design

For this project, I designed many of the print materials needed for the Association of Writers & Writing Programs Conference. I designed logos, magazine advertisements, clothing, souvenirs and posters promoting this event, which mostly caters to writers and people interested in literature.

Beginning with the logos, I created three different logos that each played with different aspects of the conference. The first logo I created combines the idea of a cityscape (the conference was held in L.A. the year I made these) and a typewriter. The second combines a microphone and a pen in order to highlight the speakers that would be at the conference. The final logo I created played a little bit with the letters “A,” “W,” and “P” by highlighting where they would be on a keyboard.

The next item I created were posters advertising the event. I created silhouettes of people reading using passages found in Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein. I felt this would appeal to the correct demographic especially when paired with the slogan, “We’re all literary here,” which is a play on Alice and Wonderland‘s “We’re all mad here.”

The next aspect of this project was to create magazine spread advertisements-2 single spread ads and 1 double spread. I wanted to continue with the literary theme I had created and chose to use popular, well-known quotes from best selling literature and a fill-in-the-blank interaction to intrigue the correct demographic.

Each advertisement references famous quotes from famous books and invites the reader to interact with the advertisement by filling in the blanks. If, by chance, the reader is unable to identify the quote, the answer is provided, right next to a short description about AWP.

The theme of each ad matches the nature of the quote.

The final portion of this project was to create clothing and souvenirs that Conference attendees could purchase while at the event. I created a shirt, hat, mug, journal, and book bag that incorporated the logo in one way or another.